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Ros' new album 'Prequel'

Prequel to Ros’ forthcoming album. Thank you to Head (PJ Harvey, Jack White, Yoko Ono) who produced these tracks.



St Beuno and the Curlew
Written for The Curlew Walk 2016

Written for a 500 mile Curlew Walk undertaken by Mary Colwell
Author, BBC Natural History Producer, to raise awareness of the bird’s endangered status.  An ancient tale of curlews and a welsh saint. 



Skyline (Album: Somewhen, BarronBrady 2002)


The Green Wave (Live)



Transition Town (Live)



Small Bright Things (at the NNN)



Buzzard’s Redeemed (at the NNN)



Climbing Trees (at the NNN)



World Without Us (at the NNN)



Fall into the Blue and Green

Written through interviews with Stefan Harding, ADD LINK ecologist,  head of Holistic Science at
Schumacher College, Devon, UK. And based on his book Animate Earth, Science, Intuition and Gaia



Ros Brady Soundcheck at New Networks For Nature- The Peace of Wild Things



Land Thief (Album: UK Needs Her Hedgerows, BarronBrady 2008)



England Needs Her Hedgerows


Buzzards Redeemed Video



Long Shanks (Album: UK Needs Her Hedgerows BarronBrady 2008)

Written for Devon Wildlife Trust in celebration of the river Dart. An ancient tale of how the river was made.  Phil Beer from Show of Hands plays mandolin and fiddle.



Strange Harvest (Album: UK Needs Her Hedgerows BarronBrady 2008)

Written with Jack Connabeer farmer, Head of Devon Rural Skills.





































































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